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Meet Courtney

Hey all of you party planning people!  I just wanted to share a bit about myself, the Confetti Momma. 

I’m Courtney, mother of a rambunctious little three-year-old girl and another very active, sweet baby girl.  I have a ridiculously sweet and loving husband who supports all of my genius and not so genius paper crafting endeavors.

So before I started Confetti Momma I had been running a  jewelry design business for over 6 years and loved it but I was ready for a change, ready to make products that the whole family would enjoy and bring family and friends closer together.

After throwing a few baby showers and birthday parties I realized that I had a true knack for designing party decorations and it was something that I really loved to do.

I chose to center my business around confetti because I felt there was a lack of unique sophisticated products out there to choose from and wanted to provide something available to the everyday person juggling kids, job and all of life’s unexpected events who doesn’t have time to cut out random shapes and sizes of confetti products for hours.  And I figured why not make amazing other products to match.

Having this business has been such a blessing for my family.  I can work from home and watch my babies grow.  And nothing can replace the look on my daughter’s face every time I blow up a confetti balloon.  It’s like a party in my office every day of the week.