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About Confetti Momma


Boutique confetti and luxury party decor!

Forget about everything you have previously imagined as confetti.  You know, the cheap, plastic, old school stuff.  Now start thinking about confetti in a new way, a boutique confetti kind of way.

Gorgeous, premium, high quality, sophisticated paper confetti.  That is what we create.  Confetti that is modern, unique and chic.  And even better, we’ve got the party decor to go with it!

Stress Free!

Take the stress out of throwing the perfect “Pinterest Worthy” party by purchasing our unique products.  Let your guests think you slaved for hours with scissors, glitter and a glue gun while secretly you know it all came from  Don’t worry, we won’t say a thing.

We’ve spent countless hours to ensure we have the perfect balance of trendy color schemes as well as the classics so you have lots of options to choose from for all of the fabulous parties you throw all year long.

Super Fast Processing
All of our products are made by hand right here in the USA! All orders ship out of our Lafayette, LA office where we have staff on hand to complete all of your last minute party planning requests! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our latest designs/updates!


The "Boutique" Party:

Signature Confetti Mixes – Our unique blends of color, texture, and shape is what separates Confetti Momma’s mixes from what you’ll find in every other party store.  Our premium confetti is what you should plan your whole party around.  Start with the color scheme and work your way out.  Stuff the invitations with it to set the mood before your party even starts.  Decorate your tables with it, embellish presents, throw it in the air, use it to play games.  Need I go on?  There are so many fun uses for it.

Chic Gift Tags - Once you’ve picked out your perfect confetti mix choose some of our gorgeous gift tags made with premium paper and satin ribbon.  Using a matching set of gift tags can be a great step to giving your party a very cohesive look.  Use the gift tags on a gift basket or tie them around party favor bags.  They’ll even be perfect as adorable napkin holders!

Handmade Party Banners - Confetti Momma party banners are so irresistible.  They can be such a chic party centerpiece and bring all of your decor together.  You could hang one on your mantle, drape one behind the snack table, use it pre-party as a photo prop and our baby shower banners are so adorable you’ll want to hang it in the nursery post-party.

No-shed Glitter Cupcake Toppers – What I love about our cupcake toppers is that they will make any cupcakes look like you paid a million bucks for them even if you made them yourself.  And don’t be afraid to stick them in other random foods to add a little flair.  I’m thinking muffins, brownies and if you’re feeling crazy stick them in a steak.  Why not?