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Happy Monday, party people! Today we are talking about one of my favorite topics of conversation: pretty paper + invitations. As you begin the process of planning a party, one of the first things to do is get those invites out to your guests. There are tons of talented invitation designers available to us who are creating stunning pieces. Many people choose to go this route and order invites, but some of us, either because of budget or out of sheer love of paper, ribbon, and confetti, design our own. (How many Mamas out there need a creative outlet? Amen!) Whether you decide to order them or DIY, here are some of the first things you need to accomplish:

  • Pick a date & time for the party
  • Decide on a budget
    • Assign a budget to the different categories of the party, such as menu, decorations, venue, invitations, etc.
  • Make the guest list
    • If there are key guests that you want to have at your event, such as grandparents or your child’s best friend, you may want to check the date and time you have chosen with them, and make sure they are available to attend.
  • Choose party theme
  • Book venue (If the party is not at your home)
  • Plan on including a picture in your invite? Take picture yourself, or line up a photographer to take it
    • Order Picture Prints

 Once these details are accomplished, the invitation process can begin! Here is a helpful checklist:


  • Order/Buy Invites (Include a few extras, you may think of some additional guests. Also don’t forget to save one for yourself!)


  •  DIY
    • Gather All Supplies
      • Paper/Envelopes
      • Order quality paper pieces (Confetti Momma has a wide variety of high quality products that can fit any party theme)
      • Glue/Double-sided tape (I used spray adhesive)
      • Fun Extras:
        • Washi Tape
        • Confetti
  • Assemble invites
  • Address Envelopes
  • Buy Postage
    • Make sure to check that your invite qualifies for standard postage. Weight increase due to heavy cardstock and/or different size envelopes can add extra postage.
  •  Drop invites in the mailbox, and they off to your love ones!

Pat yourself on the back; one thing done off your party checklist! My sweet little lady, Emma, is turning one next month, so I actually just went through this whole process. I went the DIY route using Confetti Momma’s gorgeous pieces, and love LOVE love how they turned out! 

Interested in ordering some of the pieces I used. Here are the links to each item:

1. Tiara  
2. Custom Names (email for info)  
3. Tiara Confetti  
4. Number "1"  
5. Pink &Gold Confetti 

Wondering what is the timeline for sending out invites? Check out our recent post in our Q&A section, where we covered just that!

And remember life is too short not to celebrate!

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